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Howl-O-Ween October 15 11a-2p Van Schaick Island Pond in Cohoes

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Activities include: Dog Halloween Costume Contest, vendors, Cohoes Police Department K9 Demo, and more!


Rabies Clinic: FREE Rabies Clinic with Donation.

SCHEDULE: Cats will be 11-12:30, Dogs 12:30 pm to 2pm. A record of prior vaccination will be required for a three year immunization certificate. If no record is presented, a one year vaccination certificate will be issued. Donation of $8.00 per animal.

The Companion Animal Placement Program will have some pets available for adoption on site!

Sponsored by Mayor Morse and the City of Cohoes.

RULES: - Keep dogs on leashes at all times except in designated “off-leash” areas. - Dogs who are leashed may feel threatened by free roaming dogs. - Dog owners must remain in the park and keep their dog in view at all times, especially in “off-leash” areas. -No dog may be unattended. Unattended dogs are more likely to get into trouble and stay in trouble than dogs who are being watched. - All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations prior to entering the dog park. Keep a copy of current shot records on hand for police or animal control officials. - Dogs must have current rabies and applicable license tags clipped to their collars at all times. - Rabies tags are a proof of vaccination, while license tags show compliance with state and local laws. - Puppies under four months of age should not enter the park. - Puppies under four months of age have not received all of their vaccinations. - They should be kept away from the dog park for their own protection and that of other dogs. - Owners are responsible for the behavior of their animals. - Aggressive dogs are not allowed in the park. Any dogs showing signs of aggression should be removed from the premises. Aggressive dogs tend to engage in fighting behavior. Any dog that engages in fighting and cannot be stopped by voice command does not belong in the dog park. - Please be advised that in case of an aggressive situation a dog whistle may be used. - Female dogs in heat are not permitted in the dog park. Female dogs in heat can cause aggression in male dogs. Also, females in heat should be kept at home in order to prevent unwanted puppies. - Do not give treats to any dog without the owner’s permission. - Some dogs may have allergic reactions to some treats. - Owners must clean up any dog droppings made by their pets. - Bag all droppings before depositing them in provided receptacles. - Owners help keep the dog park clean and well maintained by picking up after their pets. - Owners must fill in any holes made by their pets. - Owners who fill in holes dug by their pets help maintain the dog park.


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